~ Thoughts on Greenhouses ~

Wilkinsons have a range of clear fabric greenhouses – they won’t keep the heat in as well as glass greenhouses might, but they’d certainly serve well for growing plants in. These range from cold frame size up to a Hexagonal greenhouse.

1) Greenhouse, £29.99, H=190cm, W=120cm, D=182cm. Door on width end.

2) Cold frame, £6.99, H=70cm, W= 92cm, D=53cm. Door on top.

3) Mini Greenhouse, 4 tiers, £19.99, H=160cm, W=69cm, D=49cm. Door on width end.

4) Lean to Greenhouse, £29.99, H=205cm, W=191cm, D=142cm. Attaches along width, door on depth end.

5) Hexagonal Greenhouse, £39.99, H=220cm, W=194cm, D=194cm. Door in one side of the hex.

I think, having measured up, the best option is no 1, i would love no 4 but there isn’t room for it to fit along the front wall, between the windows and doors, unless it is tall enough to completely take in a window frame, and then we wouldn’t be able to see out of the window or have any real ventilation in the bedroom. So option 1 it is – or failing that, option 3, but that wouldn’t give me a huge amount of space to grow stuff.

There are two possibile places for option 1 – see the map below:

greenhouse possibilities

Possibility 1 leaves it on the corner of the house and exposed to winds – they can fairly whistle round the corner when the wind gets up. I think the best option is Possibility 2, although this will have some small overlap with the bedroom window and i’m not 100% sure how Michiel will feel about having a great big greenhouse next to the back door. Possibility 3 may be the best option. it leaves the greenhouse on all soil, its protected a bit from the winds, and i can store stuff between the greenhouse and the wall – may even be able to build a little wooden shelter if i get enough wood on tuesday.  plus a workbench, even a small bench to sit on could be put there quite easily, it would make the beginnings of a nice working area. the only problem is that it would block the bedroom window view some, but as we have the curtains closed 99% of the time in there, thats not a hardship as it might sound.

Whatever option we go for i’d certainly want a cold frame as well – this is small enough to go just about anywhere.


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